Call our Pro Shop to reserve your time on the driving range. Reservations are recommended to guarantee the availability of hitting bays.

Golf Balls by the Bucket

Size                                Price

Small - 25 Balls              $ 6.00

Medium - 50 Balls          $12.00

Large - 100 Balls            $15.00

Jumbo - 150 Balls           $18.00

Pre-Paid Range Card

You Pay               Value       Bonus

$40.00                  $50.00       25%

$100.00                $130.00     30%

$200.00                $270.00     35%

$300.00                $420.00     40%

Gift Cards Available

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The Driving Range

It's important to us that everyone has fun and enjoys their experience at our facility. We have rules in place to ensure our customer's safety, which always comes first. Kindly cooperate with any request made by one of our Team Members to comply with the rules.

New to Golf? Welcome! Feel free to reach out to any of our Team Members with questions or concerns. We're here to help!

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